Pregnancy & Childbirth

Services for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Birth Counselling
The BC Women’s Hospital’s Best Birth Clinic offers free consultations to women on the risks and benefits of different vaginal and cesarean birth options.


A Doula is a mother’s helper. Doulas visit expectant mothers during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Doulas help mothers be more comfortable during labour and may provide them with the information and references  needed when making decisions about childbirth. However, unlike Midwives, Doulas do not oversee the medical parts of birth and delivery. To learn more about Doulas or if you would like to find a Doula near you, please visit the following links:

Mental Health

  • Pacific Postpartum Support Society (PPSS)
    • The Pacific Postpartum Support Society provides a range of free or low-cost programs, services, and telephone support for women dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, and difficult pregnancy or postpartum adjustment.
  • For more mental health and addictions resources please visit the Counseling & Mental Health resource page.

Methadone Maintenance
Methadone maintenance is a common treatment for those with opioid dependence. Methadone is often used to stabilize opiate dependent pregnant mothers. Women who are involved in substance abuse treatment program are more likely to receive better prenatal care, have safer pregnancies, and give birth to healthier babies. For more information and to find a Methodone Clinic near you please visit the following:

Midwives are healthcare professionals who specialize in providing medical, emotional support, and information to women throughout their pregnancy, labour, and birth.  To learn more about Midwives or if you would like to find a Midwife near you, please visit the following links (The Medical Services Plan covers the cost of a Midwife):

Milk Banks

Abortion Clinics in BC
Abortion clinics do not require a doctor’s referral and offer pre- and post-abortion counseling.

Online Health Information Resources:

>Breastfeeding Online
Breastfeeding Online is a comprehensive resource website for new mothers about breastfeeding, breastfeeding techniques, supplementation, and any problems or concerns that may be associated with breastfeeding.

>Childbirth Connection
The Childbirth Connection is a non-profit organization that provides up-to-date evidence-based information and resources on planning for pregnancy, labour and birth, and the postpartum period.

>HealthLink BC
HealthLink BC provides medically-approved information on more than 5,000 health topics, symptoms, medications, and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Motherisk is a program affiliated with University of Toronto that offers women and healthcare practitioners information about the risk and safety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal products, chemicals, x-rays, chronic disease and infections during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

>Power to Push
The Power to Push Campaign, launched by BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre, provides pregnant women, their families, and healthcare providers with up-to-date resources and information about different birth options and clinics in BC to help the women find the safest and best birth option possible. Some of the topics include: normal and assisted vaginal births, cesarean and after cesarean births, and birthing options for babies in breech position.

>Sexuality and U
Comprehensive site for all aspects of reproductive health maintained by the Society of Obstetrician’s and Gyneocologist Society of Canada.

>Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (SOGC)
The resources website provides a wide range of resources about women’s health, including important information about pregnancy, labour, and delivery. Some of the information includes: nausea and vomiting, immunization, breech childbirth, ultrasounds, and more.

Other Health Resources and Fact Sheets:

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