Infants & Children

Services for Infants & Children

Infant Development Program (IDP)
The Infant Development Program is a free program for parents and children from birth to three years of age. The Program staff work in partnership with other professionals including Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Pediatricians, Behaviour Consultants, and Family Resource Program staff to help children develop at their optimal level. To find a program near you, please visit the following:

Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program
Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program is a free program for parents with children from conception to age six. The program aims to assist parents who may feel overwhelmed and isolated by their new role as a parent. Participants have the opportunity to meet other parents to discuss their experiences, get involved in the community, and discover new parenting resources. The program is offered at the locations listed below, or you can contact the provincial coordinator, Ruby Banga at 604-678-8884, to find a program near you.

Parent-Child Mother Goose Program
The Mother Goose Program is free and aims to help parents to gain confidence in communicating with their babies or young children by encouraging them to recite rhymes, sing songs, and read stories together. The program helps in children to develop better language and communication skills, while providing a positive experience for both parents and children. To find a program near you, please visit the following:

Parenting Classes
The classes and drop-in groups give parents an opportunity to gain more knowledge from other parents and health care providers on matters such as breastfeeding, nutrition, immunization, safety, dental care, adjusting to parenthood, play, preparing for returning to work and more.

MOSAIC: Building Blocks Vancouver Program
The Building Blocks Vancouver program is hosted by MOSAIC, a multilingual non-profit organization that assists immigrants and refugees through their integration into the Canadian society. The program provides new parents with free, home-based parenting support, accompaniment to a variety of appointments, and information about childcare, parenting, health, and social issues. Parents may sign up ot receive services as early as the last trimester of pregnancy and up until their child is five years old. For more information about the Building Blocks Vancouver program, and to see if you qualify, please visit:

Resources about Infant & Child Care

>BC Children’s Hospital: A-Z Health Pamphlets
The website contains print resources and fact sheets developed by BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH), Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), Interior Health Authority (IHA) and the Government of Canada.

>Best Chance
Best Chance is dedicated to provide up-to-date information, useful tools and resources for women, expectant parents, and families with babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age. Explore this website to help you have a healthy pregnancy, give your baby a good start in life, and support your healthy future together.

>Caring for Kids
Caring for Kids, developed by theĀ Canadian Paediatric Society, is a resources website that provides parents with information about child health in areas like immunizations, growth, learning, development, parenting, and common illnesses and treatments.

>HealthLink BC
HealthLink BC provides medically-approved information on more than 5,000 health topics, symptoms, medications, and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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