Community Services

Aboriginal Community Centres
Aboriginal Community Centres are charitable organization that provides programs and services in health, welfare, social services, human rights, culture, education, recreation and equality for all genders of aboriginal people of all age groups.

Community Health Centres
Community Health Centres are Vancouver Coastal Health organizations that provide primary health and health promotion programs for individuals, families and communities. Some of the services that the Centres may offer include home and community care, primary care, mental health and addiction services, HIV/AIDS and pregnancy testing, and other health promotional services. Below is a list of some clinics located in the Greater Vancouver region. To find a health clinic or a health services near you, please call HealthLinksBC at 811.

Support Services for Mothers

>Aboriginal Mother Centre Society
The Aboriginal Mother Centre provides women with housing, counseling, advocacy, and social support services to help  restore their health, confidence, and develop parenting skills. These skills help women regain or retain custody of their children.

>Healthiest Babies Possible
Healthiest Babies possible is a Pregnancy Outreach Program  for women in Vancouver and Richmond that offers a wide range of multilingual services and resources to new or future parents.

>Single Mothers Support Network
Single Mothers Support Network provides counseling, nutritional consultation, and other services to single parents (mothers or fathers with majority dare of the child/children).


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