Sister Organizations

Sister Organizations in BC

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (Vancouver, BC)
The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre provides resources, support, and access to a number of programs, including Harm Reduction, Housing Outreach, and Advocacy Services, to women and children in the Downtown Eastside to promote positive change in the community.

Fir Square (Vancouver, BC)
Located at BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre, Fir Square is the first hospital-based Combined Care Unit Program in Canada that provides health care to substance-using women and substance-exposed newborns in one hospital unit.

HerWay Home (Victoria, BC)
HerWay Home,  a “one-stop access” program in Victoria for substance-using pregnant women and recent mothers. The program provides a range of primary health and social services to women and children.

Maxxine Wright Community Health Centre (Surrey, BC)
The Maxxine Wright Community Health Centre, a program at Atira Women’s Resource  Society, provides a range of health and social supports to pregnant women and women with infants, who are affected by substance use and/or violence and abuse.

Mothers for Recovery Support Group (Kamloops, BC)
Mothers for Recovery Support Group, is a program that helps women and mothers to develop a social support network that will facilitate their path to recovery from substance use.

YWCA: Crabtree Corner (Vancouver, BC)
YWCA Crabtree Corner provides a healthy and secure environment for women and
their families in the Downtown Eastside. Located in one of Canada’s most impoverished
neighbourhoods, Crabtree Corner helps women and their families improve the quality of
their lives. Helping to meet the needs of the community, Crabtree provides a range of programs and services such as a safe, affordable transitional housing, single mothers’ support group and short-term early learning and child care.

Sister Organizations in Other Provinces

Breaking the Cycle  (Toronto, ON)
Breaking the Cycle is an “early identification and prevention program,” at Mothercraft College, that provides services, which address maternal substance use and mother-child relationship issues, in order to reduce risk and improve development of substance-exposed children.

Centre for Northern Families (Yellowknife, NWT)
The Centre for Northern Families, operated by Yellowknife Women’s Society, provides accommodation, health and social services and programs to women and children afflicted by poverty due to emotional, physical, substance, or sexual abuse and trauma.

CUPS: Health & Education Centres (Calgary, AB)
Program provides housing, health, and education programs and services to individuals struggling with poverty.

Street Works (Edmonton, AB)
Street Works offers health, social, and legal services to individuals who are injecting drugs or work in the sex trade industry.

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